Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios – 

Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios is a humorous multimedia one-man show that explores creative evolution and the personal apocalypse that we all must endure. Autobiographical in part, the surrealistic work navigates through different stages of life as well as the challenges involved in overcoming one’s own reality. “We are all products of our earliest environments,” says Halter, “And we come into this world with a set of circumstances hard-wired into our being… additionally, we all must make sense of life’s ambiguities.”


Part confessional mixed with pure fantasy, Apocalyptic Exodus Scenarios explores the struggle to change and grow, with a healthy dose of levity thrown into the mix. It captures the battle of the soul as it self-destructively tries to cling to old patterns. Through raw, stream of consciousness rantings that involve masturbation, aliens, and mindless jobs, colorful characters Charlie, Dave, Gary, Jim, Randy, and William collectively take an existential quest, through darkness and light, in search of meaning. The work, a collection of related monologues, tells the story of one man as many men –– a reflection on the myriad lives that we all inhabit within a single lifetime, much like nested Russian dolls.

“The work is serious, but also absurdly fun,” says Halter, “It embraces the creative alchemy that we all have at our disposal for personal reinvention, to cultivate our own beings – for better or worse."